SKP-S Papermag:
Meet another dimension

SKP-S #6 issue

Originally launched to tie in with the opening of SKP-S, a forward-thinking creative retail space in Beijing, Mixte created SKP-S papermag: a large-format magazine with a unique visual style and edgy point of view.
This bi-annual papermag, entirely created, produced and published by Mixte, offers a dose of contemporary fashion, street art, contemporary art, music and culture.
Welcome before the hour. We have taken off, with no planned landing. We float through space in an avant-garde universe with art, technology and fashion are definitely hybrids.
Immediate boarding on board SKP- S Magazine #6. Stuck in this almost dystopian reality, we must imagine the possibilities to come. What if the future has already begun? For us, the future is ahead of us with visionary fashion (Raf Simons), techno-sensual art (Anicka Yi), extraterrestrial travel (Space Odyssey). It’s time to redefine tomorrow with avant-garde thinkers, sensitive technology, and reality now without limits…