MIXTE Magazine

Mixte #32
F/W 2023 ISSUE

Mixte is a bi-annual magazine at the cutting edge of fashion, with an editorial vision anticipating the shifts and trends of tomorrow along with fashion’s impact and connection with society.
“We must dare, and dare again, and go on daring!” wrote Danton.
This season, Mixte has chosen AUDACITY as the theme for it’s fall-winter 2023 issue. It gives us the opportunity to remind and demonstrate that this quasi-philosophical concept, combining courage, self-assertion, risk-taking, and a standpoint, is indeed the very essence of fashion and creation. Everyone has the power to show audacity, as illustrated in our various fashion series, interviews, encounters, and investigations. In essence, being audacious is simply claiming a form of independence, authenticity, and freedom, while confidently sharing one’s tastes and commitments. It’s a bit like what Mixte has always done, after all…
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